Sunday, January 18, 2009

Make Millions ISK A Day Pirating Eve Online Tip

It takes a group of you with Battleships and or Dreads.

Your group can make 300 million Isk in a day easy, here is how.

  1. Scan Moons For POS
  2. Once You Find A POS On Scan Go back to station and leave your ship.
  3. Go To The Moon You Located the POS AT (The Guns Wont Shoot At Your Pod)
  4. Gather Your Group And Get Ready To Make ISK
Sometimes the POS Miners will Hire Mercs to Defend their POS. Though with a bit of patiance and scanning moons for POS's you sometimes get a POS that has no guns or defense on it.

6-man POS takedown! 300m in Isk

This Eve Online Pirate group cruising through Nakugard one day stumbled across a Player owned station with no defenses and over 300m worth in buildings just floating around it. We declared war, and this is Eve Online Pirates taking it apart and rolling in fortune.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Eve Online Pirates Quantum Rise

The Most important changes I have found in the new Eve Online Quantum Rise Upgrade are below. I should have a list of different uses posted here in a few days how to best use the New Options on your pirating victims little easier.

For all you Eve Online Pirates Speed Rebalanced Adjustments were made across the board to allow for significant and meaningful difference in speed between the ship classes. More viable ships in battle means more strategy and tactics in combat. Excellent!! looks like were going to be having much more fun with the interceptors out in action!

Module Activation Timers

We've migrated our key servers to 64-bit software, allowing the scale of player battles to surpass the previous limit of a few hundred on each side and improving performance in extremely high traffic regions of space. This is good less lag in battle!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eve Online Pirate Squad Tips

Solo pirating can be fun, but its nothing like flying with a squad.

First, your basic squad has a few things that are essential:

1. A designated leader. A squad that has no leader is like a crazy monkey with no direction. you will run around and accomplish nothing. A good squad leader should be able to call targets, keep the squad out of harms way when not attacking, think on his feet, and keep a cool head during a fight.

2. People who you trust completly. If you don’t trust the wingman who is supposed to be covering you in a fight, you will always looking to make sure he/she is doing what they are supposed to be doing and not be focusing on the target, which will end up with your ship in the scrapheap and you in a pod.

3. Set roles for each person in the squad. Each member needs to know exactly what he or she will be doing before the fight. Designate people in frigates as tacklers to lock the enemy in place, have people in Electronic Warfare ships fitted with jamming modules to keep the enemy from attacking back, and have the people in battle cruisers or battleships as the designated heavy hitter, whose sole purpose is to deal out as much damage to the target as possible.

These are just simple rules that every squad should follow to be successful. But to be a true force to be reckoned with, some creativity is required, as well as some pilots with a fair amount of Skillpoints.

Pick ships to fit the task. It may be annoying to equip each pilot with a new ship, but it doesn’t have to be anything exceedingly expensive. A squad of cruisers, each tailored to perform a specific task, is able to put up a hell of a fight. For example, my idea of a well-rounded squad would consist of the following:

* 2-3 High-Speed frigates, equipped with Microwarp drives. This will allow them to serve as tacklers and lock the enemy down. If the player has the skills to use interceptors, those work even better due to their much smaller signature radius and MUCH higher velocity. Getting to the target fast is the name of the game here.

* 3-4 Cruisers. The cruiser is a much underestimated vessel, capable of performing a variety of tasks. 1 or 2 Thorax ships (for damage), a Vexor (for Tanking) and a Blackbird (to jam the target) is able to draw most of the enemy fire away from your main firepower, and dish out a considerable amount of damage on their own.

* 2-3 Battleships. These ships are the heavy hitters of the space lanes. 1 Megathron fitted with blasters for that up close and personal damage, a Dominix for heavy tanking and a Raven for long-range missile bombardment can deal out insane damage in a very short time span.

This example squad would be able of taking on almost any target with ease, and with minimal losses if the pilots are focused and have targets called for them. As good as this is, it can be improved on. In come Tech level 2 ships, whose far higher resistances and greater damage potential make it so the amount of people involved can be much smaller. Take this Assault frigate squad for example:

* 2 Retributions fitted for pure DPS (Medium Pulse Laser II’s with Heatsinks). The amount of damage these 2 retributions alone can put out is enough to send most ships to the scrapheap (excluding battleships).

* An Ishkur and Enyo for support fire. The Ishkur is capable of fielding a full wing of light drones into the fray, which can decimate targets (especially if they are t2 variants), and the Enyo can get up close and personal with its 4 Light Neutron Blaster II’s and Void S ammo to deal out a considerable amount of damage.

* A Jaguar for tackling. The jaguar assault ship is capable of reaching 2200 meters/second, which is almost unreachable in all other assault frigates, while still being able to put out good damage with tech 2 auto cannons and a rocket launcher.

* A Harpy for long range fire support. A well equipped harpy can hit from over 100km, which puts it out of harms way while being able to hit even the fastest targets with ease, making it difficult for the enemy to escape.

The mix of ships and jobs are incredible to form a winning squad, and can include interceptors, heavy assault craft,Heavy Interdictors, recon ships,Black Ops ships, even command ships for more firepower. It is up to the pilot to decide what he or she will bring into the squad, but each person adds more power and more diverse techniques.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eve Online New Expansion Plans Unveiled

This new expansion means all you Eve Online Pirates better get your skills lined up and ready to fight since you will have to fight more than ever in the game.

With five years under their belt, most MMOs would be getting into old age. Not EVE, they still have aggressive plans to grow their game. This summer, they plan to launch yet another free expansion and that's where the aforementioned scoop comes in.

The title of the next expansion - revealed here for the first time - will be "The Empyrean Age," the same as the EVE novel by Tony Gonzalez also slated for the summer. The reason is simple, this is the first EVE Online expansion where the story of the game and its universe will play a key role, a lot of it based off the novel.

"The universe of Eve has always had this fragile peace between the races and now that's going to end," Massey said. This means war and that is the core new feature: factional warfare. "People can actually take an active role and choose sides for who they want to fight for and who they want to fight against."

More details on this expansion are going to trickle out over the coming months, but it marks - at long wait - the culmination of the plan that was once upon a time called Kali and has now turned into not one, but four epic expansions: Revelations I, Revelations II, Trinity and now The Empyrean Age.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Need for Early Training Of Microwarp

As a New Eve Online Pirate pilot, Your goal should be to gain high Microwarp drive early on. Not only will this protect you and swiftly move you away from enemies it will also allow you to move in and attack targets swiftly while avoiding fire from targets. Watch this video and see how fast Eve Online can be!