Sunday, January 18, 2009

Make Millions ISK A Day Pirating Eve Online Tip

It takes a group of you with Battleships and or Dreads.

Your group can make 300 million Isk in a day easy, here is how.

  1. Scan Moons For POS
  2. Once You Find A POS On Scan Go back to station and leave your ship.
  3. Go To The Moon You Located the POS AT (The Guns Wont Shoot At Your Pod)
  4. Gather Your Group And Get Ready To Make ISK
Sometimes the POS Miners will Hire Mercs to Defend their POS. Though with a bit of patiance and scanning moons for POS's you sometimes get a POS that has no guns or defense on it.

6-man POS takedown! 300m in Isk

This Eve Online Pirate group cruising through Nakugard one day stumbled across a Player owned station with no defenses and over 300m worth in buildings just floating around it. We declared war, and this is Eve Online Pirates taking it apart and rolling in fortune.


Jolyon said...

I do enjoy reading about this and if I had the time and balls, I'd probably have a fair go at piracy.

Good luck and hmm, maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't enjoy meeting you and yours online...


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