Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eve Online Fleet Ops Guide

In these three videos Karnal Knowledge is preforming a Fleet Operation. Karnal knowledge is a Pirating Alliance in Eve Online. No, I am not with them. You will see the way fleet operations go and how much fun they can be. Not to mention all the loot and ISK you will make. Watch all three videos they are all from the same fleet op start to finish.





CrazyKinux said...

Great videos! Indeed these kind of operations are something noobs should should experience sooner rather then later to really get a taste for EVE.

Robert Di-Salvo said...

I could not agree with you more here. At 3 months old I was mission running for other players way deep into .0 pure blind and deep in the south actually all over the place much of my time in eve was spent in .0 from the very beginning. I learned not be be scared of blinky reds. Huge ships firing on me since I knew my ships and how hard they were to hit. I have been trusted by entire alliances back in the day to get their original Titan and other original ship blueprints delivered, even while under fire from their own alliance.. Since I refuse to have my char recognized in the game and what I do. Pirating became second nature