Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who I Am And Where I'm Going

I originally started playing eve-online in 05 and ran a pretty successful legit corp. In thirst for more action I moved my Corp down to .0 space , guarded a small section of space for an alliance and we did very well.

I hungered for more Isk , more battles in the game and left my corp behind and joined the "Muffin Factory". Here I found a home and some great friends to play with. I am currently inactive in the game and will be back soon full fighting force. I will add more here about myself and will not ever mention my characters name due to the nature of what I do in the game.

In the mean time scroll down to the right for some good clips from Eve Online

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Ovous said...

hi there, iv been playing eve for a while now, since roughly the start of this year and am currently involved in a high security piracy ring, basically can flipping, small wars with hired guns and baiting people into flagging themselves for ransom's that sort of thing, i have read most of your blog as well as numerous on-line resources like the 2d map pack with piracy maps, piracy 101 vid on google, and untold amounts of info regarding fittings, roles etc..

i notice you say you are coming back onto eve and if you would let me, i wouldn't mind tagging along with you during some squad ops to get a bit more experience, ( reading it is one thing, doing it poorly is another, getting front line seats and watching it in practice is priceless )

at the moment i am using a rifter with the piracy guide suggested fitting for, three auto cannons and 1 vamp, with tackle and defensive low slots, so i can function as tackle

if your interested please send an ingame mail to Ovous my indy character and i will respond asap with my main.

sorry for the secrecy but i don't like posting names for same reasons you don't want to reveal yours.

if you need any more info id be happy to give it over in more secure mediums