Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ten Tips For Becoming A Pirate On Eve Online

I am writing this article from being a corp owner and trainer of other Pirate PVPers in Eve Online for my squads. Seeing all the mistakes new players make I thought I would write this guide and save you some ISK.

Tip One: most Important:

Do not try to move up to the biggest ship as fast as you can. You will only lose it. Instead build up your skills 100% to the ship your in, then move up. Your goal is to get to a battle cruiser.

Tip Two:

Once you have a battle cruiser for your race, Max out your skills for that ship (I have single handedly wiped out 3 ships in a single fight with no help)

Tip Three:

Take Advantage of your ships bonuses, IE if it says you get a 15% to medium turrets fit your ship with those types of weapons. If you get a repair bonus fit your ship with a repper. It will come in handy during battle since you can then run the repper as you fight.

Tip Four:

Find a group or corp to play with practice shooting at each others ships in combat. By doing this you will learn what your ship can do and cant do. Listen to orders from the senior players, however if the orders seem reckless to you or your ship you just might want to find a different crew there are a lot of squad leaders out there that are just not good. Try to hook up with some 1 or older players, you would be surprised how willing they are to work with you.

Tip Five:

Dont divide your firing power on serrate targets in Eve Online. Always put all your weapons to use on one target. To maximize your force and take out the target. If you gt down to about 20% hull warp to a safe spot, rep and go back to the fight.

Tip Six:

Learn How to use your scanner, It will show you where your targets are it will also alert you to your targets friends warping in to get you..

Tip Seven:

When Pirating always travel with 2 or more friends. One set up to warp scramble and Net. (this player is called the tackler) Its an important job . Your there to stop the target so the other players can take it out. One player should be whats known as "The tank" a tank will be able to hold off the gate guns for some time. The Other player should be all out weapons for a fast kill.
Once the target has been destroyed. The Tackle can then anti warp the pod and hold it for ransom.. 1 year old and older this works on since older players tend to have implants.

Tip Eight:

Do not smack talk your targets you will gain a lot more respect in local. Get your randsom and don't ever blow up your target after they pay up. Just leave to your safe spot.

Tip Nine:

To make extra ISK while your still new to Eve Online be a mission runner for other players haul their stuff to .0, use a small fast frigate with a microwarp drive. I remember being 3 months old and just crashing gates all the way deep into pure blind and beyond and making 20 to 30 mill Isk a clip.

Tip Ten:

Max out your learning skills before doing anything.. This will aloow you to train faster than most people in the future. your learning skills speed up your training time.. Yeah i know you want to go peew peew really fast. However don't ruin your char, Train those learning skills.

In a final note follow this simple advice and it will make you a stronger better player!


Anonymous said...

how do you find out what your skills are for a particular ship?

- gary shandling

Steven said...

"...Yeah i know you want to go peew peew really fast...."

I almost fell out of my chair when I read that. Great article. I am a noob, and this helps a lot.

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Anonymous said...

learning skills are being removed now.